Configuration Chapter 3:
Global Configuration
Parameter Description
Stunnel Enable Enable or disable SSL VPN service on the VPN
Concentrator. A valid Server IP Address is required for
Stunnel to be enabled.
Stunnel Server IP Address IP Address of Stunnel server listening to clients’ requests.
Note: This filed is empty by default.
Stunnel Server Port Number TCP port number to which SSL VPN Server listens to.
This port number can have any value from 1025 to 65535,
but the default value is 443.
Note: If the default value of 443 is chosen, the HTTPS
access will be disabled. Also, if this port number is
changed, a network restart will occur.
Enable Stunnel Server Timeout Enable or disable the session timeout for all SSL VPN
sessions. This value can be specified in number of
seconds. By default this feature is disabled, and if enabled
“Stunnel Server Tunnel Timeout” will be set to a default
value of 86400 seconds.
Stunnel Server Tunnel Timeout Timeout value specified in seconds for all SSL VPN
sessions. The default value is 86400 seconds (one day).
Any SSL VPN session established for the specified
number of seconds specified in this parameter will be
Enable TCP No Delay If checked, the Stunnel server will send packets to remote
clients without any delay rather than coalescing packets to
save overhead. This is important for voice traffic since it is
very sensitive to delay. It is enabled by default.
MAC Whitelist Validation If this feature is enabled, and if a MAC address received in
the SSL VPN client request does not match any of the
MAC addresses on the MAC whitelist, then the request is
rejected. Please see section MAC Address Whitelist to
configure the MAC whitelist database.
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