Chapter 3: Configuration
VPN Concentrator Installation and Configuration Guide 25
LDAP Configuration
MAC Blacklist Validation If this feature is enabled, and if a MAC address received in
the SSL VPN client request matches any of the MAC
addresses on the MAC blacklist, then the request is
rejected. Please see section MAC Address Blacklist to
configure the MAC blacklist database.
Max Clients This field specifies the maximum number of simultaneous
SSL VPN sessions supported by the VPN Concentrator.
By default the value of max clients is set as '100'.
Note: This number should not exceed the maximum
number of simultaneous SSL VPN sessions allowed by the
license. In addition, Stunnel IP Pool should be configured
with the same number of IP addresses.
Parameter Description
LDAP Authentication Enable Enable or disable the LDAP authentication feature to
authenticate the username and password of the SSL VPN
client. A valid LDAP Server IP Address must be configured
to enable this feature. By default LDAP authentication is
LDAP Search Base String The base DN of the Active Directory tree containing
the user data. The default string is
"CN=Users,DC=domain,DC=com" which is provided
as an example only. Please change the base string to
match the DN of currently used Active Directory tree.
LDAP Server IP Address Specifies the LDAP Server IP Address. This field is empty
by default. A valid LDAP Server IP is mandatory in order to
enable LDAP Authentication.
LDAP Server Port Number TCP port number of the LDAP Server. the permissible range
of this parameter is 1025-65535, but the default value of
Server port is 389.
LDAP Server Timeout Specifies the LDAP search timeout. If LDAP server doesn't
respond within the specified time, then the SSL VPN client’s
request is rejected.
Parameter Description
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