Chapter 3: Configuration
VPN Concentrator Installation and Configuration Guide 27
Username and Password Database
The incoming Stunnel client request is authenticated against the username-password database.
The Username’s List page allows system administrators to create a database of Usernames and
Passwords to be used for client request authentication. The Stunnel Username-Passwords
database has following characteristics:
The maximum number of Username-Passwords that can be registered at a time is
The maximum length allowed for both Username and Password is 16 characters.
Empty strings are not allowed for both Username and Password.
Duplicate Username configuration is not allowed.
The permissible character set for Username and Password is - 'A' to 'Z', 'a' to 'z', '0' to
9' and Printable characters as listed: `~!@#$%^& *()-_=+{}[]|:;"'<>,.\/?
To add or delete a user from the database, choose “Stunnel” submenu from “Configuration
Menu” and then choose “Username Database” submenu of “Stunnel.”
Note: the VPN user name & password are independent of any user names and passwords set
in ShoreWare Director for ShoreTel phone users.
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