Configuration Chapter 3:
Current Sessions
The Active Stunnel Session(s) page lets the administrator view or terminate the active
STUNNEL sessions. Each Active STUNNEL session is associated with a unique Username
and MAC address as shown in the table. The timestamp and duration fields display the time
the session was established and the amount of time the session has been active.
3.3.2 Configuring VPN Parameters on IP Phones
All ShoreTel IP Phones that support the VPN feature need to be configured to be aware of the
VPN Concentrator as well as how to authenticate with this device.
Two methods are provided:
1. Via MAC Address specific IP Phone configuration files.
2. Manual configuration using the Phone User Interface.
The latter method is only suggested for small deployments or demonstration purposes. Configuration via config files
The following table shows the relevant parameters
#Keepalive parameter overrides 0 set in shore_s6g.txt file
KeepAlive 120
#DnsAddress- List of up to 2 DNS Server Addresses in dotted decimal format.
# Sources are MAN and DHCP. Defaults is
#VpnGateway- List of up to 3 IP address for the VPN Gateway in dotted decimal
or FQDN format.
# Sources are MAN (dotted decimal only) and CFG. Default is
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