Hardware Installation Chapter 1:
4 Physical Installation
The 4500 device is designed for desktop, rack or wall-mount installation. Observe the
following guidelines when installing the system:
Always verify that the AC cord is disconnected from a power source prior to
Ensure that the installation site has adequate air circulation and meets the minimum
operating conditions for the system as specified in Specifications of this document
Required Tools and Materials
If the unit will be mounted on the wall:
1 Flat or Philips screw driver
2 round or flat head Philips or slotted screws – 1 ½ inch long
If pressed twice in quick succession,
the CLI password will be changed to
its original password.
If pressed three times in quick
succession, the 5300 will revert to
factory default settings. All passwords
will be reset and all prior
configurations will be erased.
Note: The default LAN address will be
set to
Caution: Setting the system
configuration to factory default will
erase all configuration changes.
GLink Speed LED
Off – If the link is up, it indicates that the port is connected
to a 10BaseT Ethernet switch or hub.
Solid Amber – Indicates that the port is connected to a
100BaseT Ethernet switch or hub.
HLink Status LED
Solid Green – Ethernet link is up.
Blinking Green – Indicates activity on the link.
Call out Description
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