Chapter 1: Hardware Installation
VPN Concentrator Installation and Configuration Guide 5
2 hollow wall anchors
If the unit will be mounted in a shelf
1 Flat or Philips screw driver
Ethernet cables to connect the LAN ports to LAN switches or other Ethernet devices
and the WAN port to a firewall or an upstream router.
Desktop Installation
1. Remove the 4500 and the accessories from the shipping container.
2. Place the 4500 on a flat, dry surface such as a desktop, shelf or tray.
Wall-Mount Installation
You can mount the 4500 on a wall using the two mounting brackets on the bottom of the
appliance. We recommend that you use the two round or pan head screws.
1. Install two screws 5.9063” (150 mm) horizontally apart on a wall or other vertical
surface. The screws should protrude from the wall so that you can fit the appliance
between the head of the screw and the wall. If you install the screws in drywall, use
hollow wall anchors to ensure that the unit does not pull away from the wall due to
prolonged strain from the cable and power connectors.
2. Remove the 4500 and accessories from the shipping container.
3. Mount the 4500 on the wall as shown below.
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