14 Planning and Installation Guide ShoreTel IP Phone 930D
Introduction Topology and Technical Specifications
Example of a System Layout
This example shows a four-handset IP930D system that uses one base and four repeaters.
As long as component limits for the system are honored, you could alter coverage area or capacity in
this system to suit your needs. For example:
If this system included daisy chained repeaters, coverage dimensions could take on different
If more handsets were needed, additional bases and repeaters could be overlaid in the same
locations as the bases and repeaters shown in the example.
For more information about designing a system layout see Chapter 2, Planning.
Topology and Technical Specifications
Each base station requires the assignment of an IP address (DHCP or static).
Each handset requires the assignment of an IP address (static). The IP addresses for handsets must
be in a continuous range (example: – 89).
Each handset uses the same ShoreGear switch IP Phone resources as any other ShoreTel IP Phone.
From a resource prospective, each base can appear to be as many as four IP phones (one for each
Customer Premises
Base Radio Range
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