Planning Understanding Environmental Requirements
ShoreTel IP Phone 930D Planning and Installation Guide 19
Using a SKU 10478 PoE Wire Adapter and a PoE Splitter to Power the
Using a SKU 10478 PoE wire adapter and a 5 Volts DC output PoE splitter, such as the Phihong
POE14-050, allows you to install a repeater in a location that does not have a nearby AC outlet. Use
the splitter to provide power only. Refer to the illustration below.
Understanding Environmental Requirements
Consider the following environmental guidelines when planning your IP930D installation:
Mount bases and repeaters indoors, in dry and protected areas, and connect these components to
indoor wiring only.
Whenever possible, mount the base near the ceiling, vertically on the wall. Avoid mounting on
metal walls, metal beams, or on concrete structures containing steel reinforcement.
Bases and repeaters must be placed with at least one meter of separation between units. Range
and system capacity might be reduced if components are located less than one meter apart.
SKU 10478 PoE wire
Align “TIP” and “+”
as shown
PoE splitter
Powered Ethernet cable plugs in here
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