20 Planning and Installation Guide ShoreTel IP Phone 930D
Planning Understanding Architectural Impacts to Coverage
IP930D components emit RF radiation that is below all government and industry limits. However, some
devices containing sensitive microphones can be affected by this radiation and should be kept at a
distance from IP930D components.
Understanding Architectural Impacts to Coverage
Construction materials and architectural features at the installation site can greatly impact base and
repeater coverage. In open or outdoor areas, the coverage radius of a base or repeater can be 150
meters or more. Indoors, the distance can drop to as low as 10 meters. In addition, the base mounting
height, nearby metal objects, and interference sources can impact coverage.
Wall Materials
This table shows coverage ranges for some typical wall materials:
Multiple Floors
Many floor and ceiling materials allow coverage to extend to the floors above and below the base or
repeater floor. If that proves not to be the case, find areas where repeaters can link to the base or other
repeaters through stairwells or other openings in the building.
Wall Material Coverage Range in Meters
Plaster walls over studs 30-60
Concrete 10-30
Heavily reinforced concrete 0-10
Stone/Brick 30-50
Metal 0-10
None 150-300
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