Planning Conducting a Site Survey
ShoreTel IP Phone 930D Planning and Installation Guide 23
Conducting a Site Survey
Before you plan your installation layout, it is essential that you conduct a site survey to measure
handset coverage from the base station at the installation site. A site survey allows you to effectively
estimate the equipment needed to build your system.
It is recommended that you conduct the site survey during business hours to check for competing
DECT systems that might degrade performance of the installation.
Gather Equipment for the Site Survey
To conduct the site survey, you will need the following equipment:
A base station configured with a static address that is otherwise in a factory default state
A PoE mid-span power brick connected to a small Ethernet switch or hub
A fully charged handset
Configure the Base with a Static IP Address
Before you visit the site, configure the base station that you plan to use for the site survey.
1. Put the base in a factory default mode.
a. Plug the base into a powered Ethernet switch on a live network that can allocate an IP address
using DHCP (or use a mid-span power brick and Ethernet switch).
b. Wait for the LED indicator to start flashing green.
c. Press and hold the reset button on the back of the base until the LED indicator turns off (at
least ten seconds). The base resets.
2. Wait one to two minutes for the base to obtain an IP address from DHCP and to start up.
3. Open ShoreTel IP930D Manager for the base.
a. From a PC on the same subnet as the base, enter the following:
http://sd_<MAC address of base>
If this step fails, see Cannot log into a base with ShoreTel IP930D Manager on page 84.
b. Enter “admin” for the login ID and the last four digits or characters of the base MAC address
for the password.
4. Navigate to the Network Configuration page and turn DHCP off and set the IP address to
“” and the subnet value to “”.
5. At the bottom of the page click Save New Settings.
Now you can move on to positioning and powering the base at the installation site.
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