Planning Ordering Equipment
ShoreTel IP Phone 930D Planning and Installation Guide 27
In the illustration, solid outlines represent the -70 dBm RSSI contours for each group of bases and
repeaters; dashed lines show the repeaters associated with each base.
A base and its connected repeater (or a repeater connected to another repeater) should be near the
-70dB RSSI contour of the base or repeater to which it is connected. It is good to be conservative to
avoid underestimating the required equipment.
The equipment order for this example consists of three bases, 12 repeaters, and 12 handsets.
Ordering Equipment
After completing the steps described in this chapter, you can determine the equipment that you need to
order. Consider if users require extra equipment, such as wired headsets or additional handset
charging stands.
Once you have the necessary equipment, complete the steps in the Installation chapter.
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