30 Planning and Installation Guide ShoreTel IP Phone 930D
Installation Creating Configuration Files
6. If needed, add bases and repeaters in new or existing locations, repeating the site survey for each
7. Permanently install equipment at the site.
8. Assign user extensions and distribute handsets and charging stands.
Creating Configuration Files
Use the ShoreTel IP930D Configuration Tool to generate the required configuration files.
Prepare to Use the Configuration Tool
Before you use the ShoreTel IP930D Configuration Tool, complete these preparation tasks:
1. Gather the following unique identifiers from your IP930D equipment:
For each base, note the MAC address (located on the rear label).
For each handset, note the IPUI (located under the battery).
For each repeater, note the IPEI (located on the rear label).
2. Have ready the number of repeaters per base and the total number of handsets used by the
3. Reserve static IP addresses for handsets in the IP930D system prior to deploying. Consider
reserving an adequate range of addresses to allow for future growth.
Create and Install Configuration Files
Use the ShoreTel IP930D Configuration Tool to prepare MAC-specific configuration files for each base.
Load the files onto the FTP server in the same directory as the standard IP phone configuration files.
The configuration files should be prepared prior to the installation visit.
To simplify installation and debugging procedures, it is good practice to check that hard-wired
phones are working properly and install/test any common equipment prior to installing the IP930D
Option 156 is used in the bases to ensure that they download the required files. Make sure that
option 156 is configured on the DHCP server.
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