Installation Registering Handsets and Repeaters to Bases
ShoreTel IP Phone 930D Planning and Installation Guide 31
Follow these steps:
1. Run the IP930D Configuration Tool and follow the wizard to enter the necessary information.
For screen-by-screen instructions, see Appendix A, Installation Example.
2. Save the project to your computer. If you need to replace or add equipment, you can start from this
project file.
3. Save the MAC-specific configuration file for each base station and install these files on the FTP
server in the same directory as the standard IP phone configuration files. To do this, choose File >
Save Configuration Files As and select the \\Inetpub\ftproot folder on the FTP server. (These
instructions assume that you are running the IP930D Configuration Tool from the HQ server.)
4. Choose File > Print Installation Summary to print the installation summary. Save a copy to use
during installation of the equipment and for future reference.
The installation summary indicates which devices need to be installed where, and which handsets
and repeaters are associated with each base. It also shows the RPN (radio fixed part number)
assignment for each base and repeater. The RPN identifier is used by ShoreTel IP930D Manager
and can be useful when troubleshooting.
Registering Handsets and Repeaters to Bases
The next step is to register handsets and repeaters to their associated bases.
Registration Checklist
Before beginning registration, review this checklist to make ensure you are well prepared:
Has a planning site survey been performed and a draft installation plan created for locating bases
and repeaters?
Have the MAC-specific configuration files been prepared for each base in the system? Have those
files been loaded onto the ShoreTel FTP server in the same directory as the standard IP phone
configuration files?
If you do many installations, it may be worth investing in a bar code scanner to read the MAC
address and other identifiers from the IP930D components. This can reduce data entry errors that
can cause system malfunctions.
A factory fresh base station is locked initially. After you enable it for handset and repeater registration,
the base station stays open for 10 minutes. If registration takes longer than this 10 minute window, the
base station shuts down and you must unlock it again.
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