Installation Understanding Repeater RSSI Levels
ShoreTel IP Phone 930D Planning and Installation Guide 35
An overlay displays the RPN of the base or repeater the handset is connected to (left-most) and
any other base or repeaters it can see. The RSSI of the base or repeater the handset is connected
to is also shown. See Handset Service Menu on page 79 for a more detailed look at site survey
6. Press End/Power on the handset to exit the Settings menu.
7. Place a test phone call to a wired phone to check audio performance as you move about the site.
8. Walk the complete coverage area to verify an adequate signal in all locations over the desired
9. Make adjustments as necessary to the repeater and base locations until satisfactory coverage is
10. Turn off the site survey mode on the handset by pushing End/Power to turn off the handset.
Understanding Repeater RSSI Levels
Here is an example to help you understand how to interpret the “Repeater reported RSSI Information
(dBm)” table for a base and its repeaters. This table is found in the Manage Bases page in ShoreTel
IP930D Manager.
These tables use the RPN assignments from the installation summary to identify repeaters and bases.
The repeaters reporting information are listed by RPN in the left column. The 2nd column shows the
base RPNs, followed by any repeaters on the system.
Here is what we can interpret from example table, above:
The repeater with RPN 0x21 sees a signal level of -75 dBm from the base with RPN 0x20.
The repeater with RPN 0x22 sees a signal level of -71 dBm from the base with RPN 0x20 and
-75dBm from the repeater with RPN 0x23.
The repeater with RPN 0x23 sees a signal level of -96 dBm from the base and -71 dBm from the
repeater with RPN 0x22.
Keep in mind that repeaters need to receive adequate signals from their upstream synchronization
source only. The repeaters in this example with RPN 0x21 and 0x22 have the base as their source.
Repeater 0x23 uses the repeater with RPN 0x22 as it upstream source, and not the base. Therefore,
the -96 dBm level reported for the base at RPN 0x20 is not important.
A red entry in the table indicates that the signal is too low and the repeater must be moved closer to its
synchronization source. The level to aim for is -75 dBm or better.
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