Maintaining Your System Replacing a Handset
ShoreTel IP Phone 930D Planning and Installation Guide 39
3. In the Handset Properties in the right pane, enter the new IPUI for the handset you are replacing,
as shown below.
4. Choose File > Save Project As to save the new configuration with a new filename.
5. Backup the existing MAC-specific configuration files for all bases before proceeding. You might
need to restore these files if you encounter problems later.
6. Generate new MAC-specific configuration files by choosing File > Save Configuration Files As.
Save these to the FTP root directory for the system, or to a temporary location where you can copy
the files to the root directory later.
7. Reset the base on which the handset is located using ShoreTel IP930D Manager. To do so, go to
the Reset Base page in ShoreTel IP930D Manager, check Reset Base, and click Reset.
The base restarts and downloads the updated configuration file.
8. After the LED indicator on the base has turned steady green, enable registration for the base with
the new handset using ShoreTel IP930D Manager from the Base Security page.
9. On the new handset, choose Menu > Connectivity > Registration. Enter the Handset
Registration code “0000” and press the OK soft key.
The handset should now be operational and a user can be assigned.
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