Maintaining Your System Adding a new Base and Handsets
ShoreTel IP Phone 930D Planning and Installation Guide 41
After all bases have restarted, reregister all of the handsets and repeaters with their respective bases
(these relationships are specified in the installation summary). To do this, enable registration on one
base at a time using ShoreTel IP930D Manager from the Base Security page.
To register handsets, choose Menu > Connectivity > Registration. Enter the Handset Registration
code “0000” and press the OK soft key.
Repeaters must be re-registered starting with the repeaters directly connected to the base and working
outward, if any are daisy chained.
Press and hold the reset button on the repeater for about 3 seconds until the LED turns solid red and
release the button. Wait for the green led to start double flashing. Within one minute, the repeater
registers with the base and the green LED turns green steady, indicating that it is operational.
Adding a new Base and Handsets
To add a new base and additional handsets to the system, follow these steps.
1. Load the project file for the existing installation by choosing File > Open Project in the ShoreTel
IP930D Configuration Tool. For this example, we can open the project file we created previously.
Keep in mind that the handset registration mode only stays enabled for about 10 minutes. If
registration takes longer, you must re-enable registration mode before proceeding.
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