Reference Material Understanding the DECT Registration Process
ShoreTel IP Phone 930D Planning and Installation Guide 49
IP930D bases can automatically configure themselves to identify the hierarchy of synchronization
relationships on a dynamic basis using wireless links. These relationships can be observed using
ShoreTel IP930D Manager on the Manage Bases page. Repeaters must have their synchronization
relationships assigned using the DectRepeaterSyncSrcRpn configuration parameter.
For bases or repeaters to synchronize with each other wirelessly, they must be in range of each other.
A maximum of 7 sync levels may exist between the synchronization master (always one of the bases)
and the last base or repeater in the sync chain. For example:
In this installation, Base B1 is the sync master. Bases B2, B3, and Repeaters R1 and R2, are at sync
level 2. Repeater R3 is at sync level 3 and Repeater R4 is at sync level 4. In most cases, it is desirable
to have the sync master located in the center of the coverage area to create the most flexible sync
chain arrangement. When automatic synchronization is used the base master can change over time as
determined by the system. Having more than one base within sync range permits the system to
establish sync paths around base failures.
Understanding the DECT Registration Process
Handsets and repeaters are authorized to access the system once they are registered with a base.
The overall process looks like this:
1. During startup, the base downloads its MAC-specific configuration file that contains DectHandset
and DectRepeaterIpei parameters. The IPUI and IPEI values in these parameters are used to build
a white list of devices that are permitted to register with the base.
2. From the Base Security page in ShoreTel IP930D Manager, handset registration is enabled.
Registration will be automatically disabled after 10 minutes.
3. On the handset, push the Menu button and select Connectivity followed by Register.
4. Enter the appropriate access code (0000).
5. On the repeater, press and hold the reset button for 3 seconds until the LED indicator turns red;
the repeater registers.
Registration is required before a handset attempts to register with the switch (and show up in Director).
R1 R2
R3 R4
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