50 Planning and Installation Guide ShoreTel IP Phone 930D
Reference Material Understanding System Software Upgrades
If a handset is deregistered (or powered off), it does not attempt to register with the switch and will stop
responding to all communications from the switch; in this case, calls to the handset go to call
coverage, such as a voicemail box.
Understanding System Software Upgrades
When the base first starts running, system software is automatically checked to see if it is up to date. If
a newer version of software is found on the FTP server, it is downloaded to the base. Base firmware is
upgraded prior to the start of system operations. Base updates can take up to 5 or more minutes to
complete depending on how many software elements are upgrading.
Handset and repeater updates are performed over the air and in the background of normal system
operations. Handset and repeater upgrades can take up to 3 hours or more depending on the activity
of the system. Transmission of the upgrade is halted during phone calls to minimize the impact of the
transmission on the operation of the system.
The status of all upgrades can be monitored from the Current Status page in ShoreTel IP930D
Manager (last column).
For handsets, the update status passes through these states: Percentage (%) Copied, Complete,
Checked, Complete, Charge Handset, and Complete.
For repeaters, the update status passes through these states: Percentage (%) Copied, Checked,
Restarted, and Complete.
Handsets are not upgraded until they are returned to the charging stand; this ensures that adequate
battery life is available to complete the upgrade once it begins.
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