Reference Material Using ShoreTel IP930D Manager
ShoreTel IP Phone 930D Planning and Installation Guide 59
Table 3—Repeaters on this Base
The Repeaters on this Base table shows a list of all repeaters associated with this base and their
The columns in this table provide the following information:
1. ID—Index of all bases from 0 to N for this table.
2. RPN—Radio Fixed Part Number (0-255) assigned to each base.
3. Version—Base firmware version.
4. IPEI—International Portable Equipment Identity, the unique identifier for the repeater.
5. Sync Source—The RPN of the base or repeater that is the synchronization source for this
repeater. Repeater synchronization sources are assigned using the ShoreTel IP930D
Configuration Tool.
6. Status:
Present—The repeater is working and in contact with the base. It may take up to 60 minutes
for this status to be correctly shown after making changes or starting the system.
Unknown—The repeater is not in communications with the base and its status is unknown.
Table 4—Repeater Reported RSSI Information
The Repeater reported RSSI Information (dBm) table shows the RSSI values that are being received
by all repeaters on the base. This can be used to make sure repeaters and/or bases are located within
range of each other. RSSI levels that are too low are highlighted in red. See Understanding Repeater
RSSI Levels on page 35.
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