ShoreTel IP Phone 930D Planning and Installation Guide 7
This preface provides contains the following topics:
About This Book on page 7
Related Documentation on page 8
About This Book
This guide is intended to help you successfully deploy the ShoreTel IP Phone 930D system.
This guide is written for the person who plans for, installs, and configures the product components.
This document is generally organized into major tasks, presented in the order in which they should be
The following typographical marking conventions are used in this document.
Marking Meaning
Bold Names of interface objects, such as buttons and menus.
Courier Code examples.
Courier Italic Variables in code examples.
Blue Cross references with hyperlinks. Click the blue text to go to the indicated
section. All chapters have a list of section links on the first page.
Note: Table of Contents entries are also links, but they are not shown in blue.
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