Reference Material Configuring Bases on a Network Secured with 802.1x
ShoreTel IP Phone 930D Planning and Installation Guide 71
To connect a base to an 802.1x secured network, follow this procedure:
1. Identify the supplicant ID and password that the base will use. This is usually configured into the
RADIUS server that the Ethernet switch uses for authentication services.
2. Perform a factory reset (See Step 1 under Registering Handsets on page 32).
3. Connect the base to an unsecured PoE-enabled connection to a network with a DHCP server,
allowing the base to receive an IP address.
4. Wait for the base to start and then open ShoreTel IP930D Manager for the base.
a. From a PC on the same subnet as the base, enter the following:
http://sd_<MAC address of base>
If this step fails, see Cannot log into a base with ShoreTel IP930D Manager on page 84.
b. Enter “admin” for the login ID and the last four digits or characters of the base MAC address
for the password.
5. Go to the Network Configuration page in the ShoreTel IP930D Manager and enable 802.1x. Enter
the Supplicant ID and Password assigned to this base on the secure network and save settings.
6. Unplug the base.
You can now plug the base into the secure network to register handsets and repeaters and it will
use the configured information to authenticate with the 802.1x secured Ethernet port. Be sure to
skip step 1 for factory clearing the base when following the steps in “Registering Handsets” or you
will clear the supplicant ID and Password.
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