78 Planning and Installation Guide ShoreTel IP Phone 930D
Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Handset Settings Menu
2. Under the Options menu, select Syslog Settings. A dialogue box opens, as shown below.
3. Following the guidance provided by technical support, select the Module and error levels you
desire and click OK.
Handset Settings Menu
Use this menu to perform a search for active bases and to review the status of the handset and base.
To access the Settings menu on a registered handset, press and hold the Menu button for more than
three seconds to display the Settings menu. On a deregistered handset, press the Menu button one
time (no need to hold the button down).
Use the Status menu item to display the base station software version, hardware version, IP address,
and MAC address.
Using IP Search
From the Settings menu, you can use the IP Search menu item (visible if the handset is deregistered)
to display a list of all bases within range, even if they are not part of the handset’s system. Accessing
this function is a convenient way to check that all bases are running. You can also see the
MAC address, IP address, RFPI, and RSSI of each base.
To access the IP Search functionality on either a registered or deregistered handset, enter *47* while
the Settings menu is open. On a deregistered handset, you can alternately choose IP Search from the
Settings menu.
The handset should always be power-cycled after using the IP Search option.
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