Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Handset Service Menu
ShoreTel IP Phone 930D Planning and Installation Guide 79
Handset Service Menu
The handset Service menu is a hidden menu for accessing site survey mode and other status
To access this menu, enter *SERVICE* on the handset when the Settings menu is open. The handset
goes into site survey mode.
Site survey mode is used primarily during installation to determine the signal strengths of nearby
bases and repeaters, but can be used at any time to check coverage and to verify proper functioning of
the bases and repeaters associated with the handset. Site survey mode shows all bases and
repeaters within range and that the handset can connect to for service.
The graphic below shows the handset screen in site survey mode.
This screen shows:
The base at RPN 0x10 has an RSSI of -39 dBm (it is a base because it is at a multiple of 0x08).
The repeater at RPN 0x11 has an RSSI of -75 dBm.
The repeater at RPN 0x12 has an RSSI of -75 dBm.
Frame Errors (FE) have not been reported by the handset (PP) or base (FP). These numbers
change dynamically.
If a call were in progress, the DECT air interface CODEC would be displayed.
The handset is currently connected directly to the base at RPN 0x10 (because it is listed first).
Frame errors detected
by the connected base
or repeater
RPN of other bases
or repeaters in range
RPN of base or repeater
the handset is using
Signal strength
Frame errors detected
by the handset
Codec in use
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