Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Repeater LED Indicator
ShoreTel IP Phone 930D Planning and Installation Guide 81
Repeater LED Indicator
Common Problems
Handset is stuck on searching screen
The base that is hosting this handset is off or has not yet synchronized to the rest of a multicell
Check that the base that is hosting the handsets is active and synced. To do this, log into the base with
ShoreTel IP930D Manager and navigate to the Manage Bases page. From there, check the status of
the base in the table. See “Bases will not synchronize with each other” (below) if the bases are not
The base is out of range or a nearby repeater is not functional
Move close to the handset’s base and check to see if the problem clears. If it does, the problem may
be with one of the repeaters associated with the base.
Check that the repeaters associated with the base hosting the handset are all functional by logging into
ShoreTel IP930D Manager and navigating to the Manage Bases page. From there, check that all
repeaters associated with the hosting base are active and synchronized. If not, see “Repeater will not
synchronize with its base” (below).
Check that the handset can see all of the base’s repeaters using the site survey mode of the handset.
You may need to move closer to the repeaters to see them all. See Handset Service Menu on page 79.
Insufficient free DECT channels
If there are no free DECT channels available for the handset to connect to a base or repeater, the
phone may enter the “Searching” mode. Check that channel limits for the system have not been
exceeded and, if possible, turn off nearby interfering DECT systems or devices.
LED State Description
Off No Power.
Slow Flashing Green (400 mS on/250 mS off) Searching for FP.
Double Flashing Green (900 mS on/200 mS off/
200 mS on/200 mS off repeated)
Searching for FP in registration mode or performing
registration procedures.
Steady Green (possibly with occasional red
Repeater is synchronized to its master and is operating
properly. Red flashes indicate traffic is passing through the
Alternating Red/Green Flashing (200 mS red/200
mS green)
Repeater is in recovery mode and cannot find base or RPN
allocation error.
Steady Red Critical Error.
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