Installation Example Example Step 3: Running the Configuration Tool
ShoreTel IP Phone 930D Planning and Installation Guide 91
On this page, enter the number of repeaters per base. In this example, we have 3 repeaters per base,
for a total of 9 repeaters.
We are installing 12 handsets and have reserved the IP addresses between and (extra IP addresses have been reserved for future growth).
Finally, we are assigning a System ID of 1234. This number assignment will be used to create a
multicast address used by the system for base-to-base communications. If multiple independent
systems are installed on a common multicast zone, they must use different IDs.
Click on Next to move to the next page of the wizard.
On this page, set the synchronization sources for the repeaters by region. Recall that our draft
installation diagram requires the repeaters in Regions A and B to synchronize to the base. Repeaters
in Region C synchronize to those in Region B.
Make these selections as shown above and click Next.
Be sure to check the multicast address for conflicts on the target network. The address is shown to
right of the System ID field. If there is a conflict, change to a different System ID.
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