ShoreTel 8 Planning and Installation Guide 85
Network Call Routing
This chapter provides an overview of call routing, and digit-manipulation capabilities of
the ShoreTel 8 system. The information in this chapter is particularly useful for
administrators of larger, multisite installations.
7.1 Overview
When a phone number is dialed in a ShoreTel 8 system, the system performs three distinct
operations on telephone numbers:
Digit collection. Voice switches collect the digits in a telephone number.
Network call routing. After collecting the digits, the switch checks the number against a
user’s call permissions, adds trunks to the route list, and makes a final route decision for
the call.
Digit manipulation. The switches manipulate the dialed numbers before outpulsing them
to the service provider.
In this chapter you will learn how to plan your network call routing.
7.2 Checklist
Before configuring your phones (but after mapping out your network and trunk
configuration), you need to review the topics in the table below:
7.3 Define Network Call Routing
Once an external telephone number has been collected, the switching software checks the
number against the user’s call permissions, finds the list of available trunks, and then
makes a routing decision based on several criteria.
Task Description
Call Permissions page 86
Account Codes page 87
Trunk Availability page 88
Specifying Parameters for the Routing Decision page 89
Table 7-1 Network Call Routing Checklist
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