Define Network Call Routing Chapter 7: Network Call Routing
10. Any remaining trunk available at originating site?
11. Any remaining trunk available at the proxy site?
To specify parameters for the routing decision:
Step 1 Open the Network Call Routing page on the Trunk Group edit page, shown in
Figure 7-3
Step 2 Enter values into the Local Area Code, Additional Local Area Codes, and
Nearby Area Codes fields.
Step 3 Open the Trunk Group edit page and, toward the bottom of the page, click Go
to Local prefixes.
The Local Prefixes dialog box appears. It allows you to enter prefix exceptions
against a local area code. The Network Call Routing algorithm handles prefix
exceptions for the local area code as long distance, which minimizes toll
See the ShoreTel 8 Administration Guide for more information about the Trunk
Group edit page and the Local Prefixes dialog box.
The area codes on the Site edit page have no impact on call routing decisions
Figure 7-3 Network Call Routing on the Trunk Group Edit Page
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