Software Requirements Chapter 10: Server Requirements
10.5 Software Requirements
ShoreWare Main and Distributed Server software is tested and certified on the following
Windows Server 2003, Enterprise or Standard Editions, with SP2. Web Edition is
not supported
Windows Server 2003 Release 2
Internet Explorer 6.0 with SP2
Internet Explorer 7
ShoreTel software is only supported on 32-bit operating systems. There is no support for 64-
bit operating systems.
The following Windows components must be installed:
Application Server
Internet Information Services (IIS)
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Service
SMTP Service
World wide web service
ZActive Server Pages
ZInternet Data Connector
ZServer Side Includes
ZWorld Wide Web Service
10.6 Software Installation
10.6.1 Installing Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Components
This section describes how to install the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 components.
Step 1 Install the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 as follows:
Under Application Server, enable the Internet Information Services (IIS)
option, including the following IIS sub-options:
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Service
—SMTP Service
World Wide Web Service, including the following
Active Server Pages
Internet Data Connector
Server Side Includes
World Wide Web Service
Unselect FrontPage Server Extensions.
FrontPage Server Extensions are installed by default. This option should be
disabled because these extensions have been a source of security problems
for servers. There are several exploits using these extensions that allow a
hacker to gain access to the file system.
Step 2 If you are using RDP and using Windows 2003, you must ensure the following:
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