Additional Considerations Chapter 10: Server Requirements
10.7 Additional Considerations
10.7.1 Terminal Services
With Windows Server 2003, Microsoft has included the ability to remotely access a server
with Remote Administration. In Windows 2003, set up Remote Administration by right-
clicking My Computer and then clicking the Remote tab.
Remote Administration allows you to remotely administer a server across the network. In
particular, this allows you to launch a terminal session against the main and distributed
servers for the purposes of software installation.
ShoreTel 8 also supports Citrix and Terminal Services for ShoreTel client applications. For
more information, see Appendix E, starting on page 287.
10.7.2 Adobe Acrobat Reader
Install Adobe Acrobat Reader on the server if you do not already have it, so that you can
access the online documentation. You can install Adobe Acrobat Reader from the
ShoreWare DVD Browser or download it from the Adobe web site.
10.7.3 DHCP on the ShoreWare Server
ShoreTel does not recommend that the ShoreWare server be used as a Dynamic Host
Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server. If you want to use the ShoreWare server to give out
IP addresses to the ShoreGear voice switches, you should use the BOOTP server included
within ShoreWare Director.
Figure 10-2 Configuring DEP Performance Options
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