Voice Mail Chapter 11: Planning Applications and Services
Voice mail viewer is not available
Windows Control Panel does not contain Voice Mail tab
Find Me and Notification features are not available
Dial Mailbox and Transfer to Mailbox are not available for this user from other
user’s clients
To Voice Mail button on PCM transfers the call to the system voice mail extension
For more information about using a serial link and SMDI protocol to integrate the ShoreTel
8 system with a legacy voice mail system, see Chapter 14, starting on page 181.
11.3.7 Find Me Call Handling
Find Me and Auto Find Me call handling allow callers to find users at other locations when
they reach the user’s voice mail. When Find Me is enabled for the current Call Handling
Mode, inbound callers that reach a ShoreTel user's voice mail box can activate Find Me call
handling by pressing “1.” If the caller activates Find Me call handling, the system plays a
prompt indicating that it is now finding the called party: “Please hold while I try to find your
ShoreTel users can specify two Find Me destinations, which can be internal or external
numbers. These numbers can be enabled or disabled for each Call Handling Mode. If a call
is forwarded to the first number and is not answered within a configurable number of rings,
the call can either be forwarded to a second Find Me destination or can be returned to voice
The Caller ID that appears on Find Me calls is the voice mail Caller ID and not the ID of the
original caller. However, if the source of the original call is external to the system, then the
Caller ID will be displayed. Personal Assistant (pressing “0”) also works when Find Me
forwarding is enabled. The voice mail system dials the configured Find Me numbers in
sequence. When a Find Me call is answered, voice mail announces the call through a
sequence of prompts.
The party that answers a Find Me call hears prompts similar to the following:
“I have a call for Sam Smith from 4085551212.”
“To accept this call, press one.”
“To send this call to voice mail, press two.”
“To repeat the caller ID, press three.”
The party at the Find Me number has three options for directing the call:
Pressing 1 connects the original caller with the intended party at the Find Me
Pressing 2 directs the voice mail system to immediately start taking a message for
the intended party from the original caller.
Pressing 3 repeats the Caller ID information available on the call, if any. This also
extends the timeout by 1 ring (6 seconds).
The voice mail system does not automatically notify callers of the Find Me call handling
option. ShoreTel users can elect to tell callers of the Find Me option in their recorded
greeting (i.e. they can tell callers to “press 1 to Find Me”). If the user does not tell callers
about the Find Me option in their greeting, the Find Me option can remain a hidden
capability available only to selected callers. Conversely, users can automate the Find Me
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