Planning Fax Handling Chapter 11: Planning Applications and Services
User Group: You must create a User Group appropriately configured for a
fax server. The User Group should have the Class of Service for Call
Permissions set to No Restrictions to transfer inbound and outbound
Home Port: Select the Ports radio button and then use the drop-down
menu to select the switch where the fax server will be connected.
Accept Broadcast Messages: Should appear grayed-out or be deselected
because the port will not be assigned a mailbox.
Include in System Dial By Name Directory: Check box may be selected if
you want callers to be able to locate the fax number using the Dial by Name
Fax Support: This Extension is Connected to a Fax Server radio button
must be selected.
Step 8 Click the Save button to store your changes.
Step 9 Click on the Personal Options tab and enter “1” in the Current call stack size
Step 10Click Save to store your changes.
Next, you will configure the call handling mode for each of the user account(s)
associated with the port(s) connected to the fax server.
Step 11From Director, select the user account representing the fax server connection.
Step 12Click on the Personal Options tab.
Step 13Click on the Standard link under Edit Call Handling Modes.
Step 14Under Call Forward Condition, select the No Answer/Busy radio button, as
shown below:
Step 15In the Busy Destination and No Answer Destination radio buttons, select
Extension and specify the analog port where incoming fax calls will be directed
if the first fax port is busy.
For example, if you have set up three ports to receive fax calls, you might
configure the first port in this series to redirect to the second port, and the
second port would specify the third as a failover.
Step 16Click Save to store your changes.
This configuration assumes multiple analog ports will be used to connect the
switch to the fax server. If only one fax server port will be used to connect to
the fax server, then the call forwarding must be set to Never. Similarly, if this
port is the last one in a chain of ports dedicated to the fax server, then the call
forwarding must be set to Never.
If you are using multiple analog switch ports to connect to the fax server you must
specify the first redirect extension in that chain. (This is the site's fax redirect
Step 17Under the Administration link, click Sites.
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