ShoreTel 8 Planning and Installation Guide 181
Legacy Integration
ShoreTel 8 provides a migration solution from a legacy TDM-based voice network into the
voice-over-IP ShoreTel 8 system. You can handle line growth and enable a migration of users
from the legacy system to the ShoreTel 8 IP PBX by deploying the ShoreTel 8 system at one
location in a multi-location enterprise, or side-by-side with a legacy PBX at a single
Integrating the ShoreTel 8 system with your legacy PBX's allows users on the different
systems to communicate with each other effectively for both phone calls and using voice
With an integrated voice network, you can:
Simplify communications for your users with an enterprise-wide coordinated
dialing plan using extension dialing.
Exchange voice mail messages between users on different sites using different voice
mail systems. Standard commands such as compose, forward, and replay extend
the value of your different voice mail systems.
Consolidate trunks with different traffic types to leverage different service provider
Reduce service costs by redirecting inter-site calls across your IP network.
14.1 Checklist
Review the following topics before proceeding to the next chapter:
Task Description
Coordinated Dialing page 182
Trunk Requirements page 183
Coordinated Dialing Plan page 183
PSTN Services page 184
Multi-Site Integration page 184
Single Site Integration page 184
Consolidated Long Distance page 185
Voice Mail Integration page 185
System Requirements page 201
Table 14-1 Legacy Integration Checklist
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