Assembling the Team Chapter 1: Getting Started
Communication: Make sure you communicate with the key members of your
organization and determine their individual and departmental needs (whether
workgroups, operators, assistants, or executives). Make sure they support any
decision that affects their respective areas.
Once the system is successfully deployed, you need to establish clear ownership of the
voice communications system. Not only will you want to adapt the system to your
changing corporate needs, but you also need to account for the interaction between your
data network and your voice application. When changes are made to the data network (for
example, renumbering your IP addresses or changing your backbone), you need to
consider the impact on your voice communications system, and plan accordingly.
1.3 Assembling the Team
To d e ploy t h e ShoreTel 8 system successfully, you need to assemble a team. The key
members of the team include, but are not limited to:
Project Manager: Someone needs to oversee the entire project to make sure that
key decisions are made and communicated to the entire team, deadlines are met,
and issues are resolved. This is typically an IT manager.
System Designer: Someone needs to take ownership of the design of the system,
including the number of telephones, number of trunks, and desired call flow. This
person is also responsible for the day-to-day system administration after the cut-
over to the new system. This is typically a member of the IT staff.
IT Manager: You need the full support and cooperation of your IT department,
since the ShoreTel 8 system is a new application on your data network, interacting
with servers, desktops, the IP address space, switches, routers, and so on.
Cabling Contractor: You may need to hire a cabling contractor to install racks and
cabling, as well as to place and test telephones.
Electrical Contractor: You may need to hire an electrician to install new power
outlets, and potentially some cooling and ventilation systems.
Service Providers: You should establish a relationship with a telephone service
provider for local and long-distance telephone service. You also need to work with
a network service provider to provide IP connectivity between multiple locations, if
you have multiple sites.
ShoreTel: Depending on what type of installation and support package you
purchased, ShoreTel, or a certified ShoreTel partner, may be involved in your
1.4 ShoreCare ControlPoint
Installation services are built around ShoreCare ControlPoint, an interactive, web-based
project management tool that allows you to take complete control of the installation
process. ShoreCare ControlPoint provides real-time visibility into each step of the system
installation, from initial needs assessment and resource planning to the final step of going
live with the new voice system. It also lets you simultaneously manage installations at
multiple sites.
This planning and installation guide can be used in conjunction with ShoreCare
ControlPoint. ShoreCare ControlPoint provides step-by-step checklists for each phase of
installation and cut-over.
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