Chapter 18: Desktop Installation Installation Procedure
ShoreTel 8 Planning and Installation Guide 233
ShoreTel recommends selecting the Prevent Users from Initiating Client Upgrades check
box in the Edit System Parameters window. For details, please refer to the “Other
Parameters” section of the ShoreTel 8 Administration Guide.
Deploying the Call Manager using Group Policy does not install the SoftPhone. To launch
the SoftPhone, the user must have administrative rights on their machine, and SoftPhone
users must have permissions to download and install ActiveX controls.
18.4.2 Standard Integrated Software Distribution Overview
ShoreTel 8 system’s integrated software distribution feature simplifies installation. Although
the process presents a number of screens, there is a default installation that requires no
input; you click through the screens until you are prompted to restart your desktop.
Users receive an email message from the ShoreTel 8 system containing the information they
need to install the ShoreWare Call Manager application. The installation program is
accessed using the URL listed in the email notification. Notice that the email notification
includes the server name and the user name: Users will need this information later when
they start the ShoreWare Call Manager application for the first time.
The software can also be installed from the ShoreWare Call Manager CD.
18.4.3 Installing the ShoreWare Call Manager Software
You must first install the ShoreWare Call Manager software.
To perform the installation:
Step 1 Go to your browser to initiate the ShoreWare client installation. Click the URL
listed in your email notification, or paste (or otherwise enter) it into your web
browser program (Figure 18-2).
Figure 18-2 Notification Email
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