Configuring SoftPhone Chapter 18: Desktop Installation
18.5 Configuring SoftPhone
SoftPhone is available from ShoreWare Call Manager for licensed users. To provide a user
with SoftPhone, you must obtain a keyed SoftPhone license and enable SoftPhone use from
the User edit page of ShoreWare Director.
SoftPhone is not installed with the Call Manager client. To launch the SoftPhone, users
must have administrative rights on their machine. SoftPhone users must also have
permissions to download and install ActiveX controls. The simplest way to do this is to
ensure that the main ShoreTel server has been added to the Internet Explorer Trusted Sites
Note that SoftPhone is not supported on a Citrix or Terminal services client. Although the
feature may work when deployed, having the audio stream from the terminal server to the
user’s desktop is likely to result in high latency and poor audio quality.
Once you have activated the SoftPhone feature through ShoreWare Director, you should set
the options.
To set the SoftPhone options:
Step 1 Launch SoftPhone from Call Manager.
Step 2 Click Options. The MGCP tab of the SoftPhone Configuration dialog box
appears (below). The End Point Name is the read-only MGCP end point
identifier. This is the identifier that appears on the IP phone list in ShoreWare
Step 3 Click the Network tab. The Network tab appears (below).
Step 4 Select the Internet adapter from the Adapter drop-down list. If the status line
does not indicate Full internet access, click Check Network to find the MGCP
Figure 18-12 MGCP Tab of the SoftPhone Configuration Dialog Box
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