User Licensing Chapter 18: Desktop Installation
This 45-day period allows for unplanned, ad hoc changes that may cause you to exceed
license limits while providing time to comply with the license requirements by either
removing unneeded configurations or by ordering additional licenses.
You will be forced to purchase one of two keys available:
SBE key – required for Small Business Edition
This key is for smaller sites that do not have remote offices
Use of this key will result in the display of SBE branding (on the initial login
page above the navigation pane)
The number of users will be restricted to no more than 50
Users will be unable to add an additional site key
EE key – required for Enterprise Edition
This is for larger sites with more than one site
Existing branding will be displayed
System behaves as it does today, except that number of sites is enforced via
Block adding an additional SBE or EE key
For an SBE system, the following features will be disabled:
—On-net Dialing
PSTN failover
Please refer to the ShoreTel 8 Administration Guide for instructions on configuring SBE
licensing via Director or for more information about the following types of Keyed License
Types and Self-Audited License Types:
Keyed License Types:
—System License
Additional Site License
Extension License
Mailbox License
SoftPhone License
Additional Language License
Remote Web Reporting License
Mobile Call Manager License
Self-Audited License Types:
Personal Call Manager Software License
Advanced Call Manager Software License
Operator Call Manager Software License
Workgroup Agent Call Manager Software License
Workgroup Supervisor Call Manager Software License
Remote Server Software License
SIP Trunk License
TAPI Application Server License
Phone API License
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