Chapter 19: Cut-Over Cut-Over Implementation
ShoreTel 8 Planning and Installation Guide 251
19.3.3 Cut-Over of Remaining Devices
Use the following checklist to test each new end-user device that is being installed.
19.3.4 Cut-Over Coverage
It is recommended that the cut-over team arrive on site before the beginning of the next
business day after cut-over, to answer questions from end-users as they begin to use the
ShoreTel 8 system.
Description Completed
Identify the new trunks.
Terminate the new trunks on the ShoreGear voice switches.
Contact the telephone company’s tester, and test each trunk (one at a time).
Agree on the specific trunk that is being tested.
Have the tester dial in on the new trunk.
Answer the incoming call on a test telephone.
Observe overall voice quality.
Go through this checklist until all trunks are tested.
Table 19-4 Trunking Cut-Over Checklist
Description Completed
Place an internal call from the new device.
Place an external call from the new device.
If applicable, place a DID call.
If the device is for a user with voice mail, leave a welcome message similar to the following:
“This is <your_name> from <company_ name>. Welcome to your new, revolutionary, IP-
based communications system. You will find the following materials on your desk...”
Leave a user guide on the user’s desk. This provides information about the ShoreTel 8
system’s commonly used features as well as general system information.
Table 19-5 Remaining Devices Cut-over List
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