Dialing Plan Considerations Chapter A: International Planning and Installation
A.4.1 Single-Extension Plan
Across the global voice network, all extensions must be unique and cannot overlap.
A.4.2 Trunk Access Codes
Across the global voice network, when you configure trunk access codes, that portion of
the dialing plan will be reserved so you will be sacrificing one digit. Typically in the US,
customers use 9 as a trunk access code. Internationally, those in the EMEA, for instance,
often use 0 as a trunk access code
Using two different trunk access codes will limit users to only being able to access
certain trunk groups.
If you use a single trunk access code, some users will need to be retrained.
Alternatively, 8 could be defined for the trunk access code globally.
ShoreTel recommends proper identification from the beginning. The trunk access code
should not be changed later.
A.4.3 Operator Digit
The leading digit of 0 is typically reserved for dialing the operator in the US. The operator
digit is configurable. Similarly, EMEA customers are accustomed to dialing 9 to reach the
ShoreTel recommends choosing a single digit for the trunk access code and selecting a
different single digit for the operator.
A.4.4 Emergency Numbers
The ShoreTel 8 system allows dialing of emergency numbers with and without trunk access
codes. For this reason, you should architect the dialing plan for this feature.
911 is used in the US.
112 is used in Europe and other countries.
Check for Asia per local requirements.
Thus, extensions should not begin with 0, 1, or 9 to make use of this feature.
Each site can have a maximum of ten emergency numbers to accommodate locations where
multiple emergency service numbers are required.
For more information about emergency numbers, see “Emergency 911 Operations”
appendix in the ShoreTel 8 Administration Guide.
A.4.5 DID Numbers
DID numbers are related to the trunk group in which they are associated. You should strive
to match the last digits of the DID number to the user’s extension number.
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