Chapter C: IP Phone Configuration Manually Configuring the ShorePhone-IP100
ShoreTel 8 Planning and Installation Guide 279
C.1.3 Menu Options
The ShorePhone-IP100 phone menu interface consists of the main setup menu and two
submenus. The submenus set parameters for the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
(DHCP) server and the ShoreTel server. You can scroll through menu options as described
in the preceding section.
Table C-2 describes the options available from the main menu in the order in which they
When DHCP is used to provide the IP address and configuration parameters to the
telephone, the DHCP settings indicate which DHCP option is used to provide the ShoreTel
Server's address as the telephone's boot server. The settings configured in the telephones
must match that of the DHCP server.
When DHCP is not used to configure the telephone's boot server as the ShoreTel server, set
the options described in Table C-3 using the telephone's Server Menu.
Key Description
Scroll and Select Use these keys to scroll through menu items and options. For some options, you can
use the top and bottom arrow keys to skip to the first or last parameter in a range. The
left-arrow key functions as a backspace key.
Soft Keys The function of these keys changes with the current menu. The display shows the
function of the active soft keys.
Alphanumeric keys Use these keys and the soft keys to enter numbers and letters, such as for IP addresses
and name strings.
Table C-1 Key Functions
Option Name Value Description
DHCP Client Enable or Disable Set to Enable by default. To configure TCP/IP parameters,
disable DHCP Client.
DHCP Menu Settings in this menu have been optimized for the ShoreTel 8
system. Do not make changes to these settings.
Phone IP Address Dotted-decimal IP address The phone’s IP address.
Subnet Mask Dotted-decimal subnet mask The phone’s subnet mask.
IP Gateway Dotted-decimal IP address The phone’s default router.
Server Menu See Table C-3 for ShoreTel server options.
SNTP Address Dotted-decimal IP address The SNTP server from which the IP phone obtains the current
GMT Offset –12 through +13 The offset from Greenwich Mean Time in half-hour
DNS Server Dotted-decimal IP address The primary server to which the IP phone directs Domain
Name System queries.
DNS Alternate
Dotted-decimal IP address The secondary server to which the IP phone directs Domain
Name System queries.
DNS Domain Domain name string The IP phone’s domain.
CDP Enable or Disable Enable/disable Cisco Discovery Protocol.
VLAN ID 0 through 4094 The IP phone’s 802.1Q VLAN identifier.
Table C-2 Main Menu Options
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