ShoreTel 8 Planning and Installation Guide 283
Enabling Internet Access to
ShoreTel Web Access
This appendix describes how to provide Internet access to ShoreTel’s Web Access client
using Apache Server as a reverse proxy.
D.1 Overview
ShoreTel recommends that you enable Internet access to ShoreTel Web Access by deploying
a reverse proxy based in the DMZ of your corporate firewall. You can use any of the many
reverse proxy products available to implement this solution.
This appendix provides information specific to Apache Server installed on a Microsoft 2003
Server. Apache Server is an open source product and is widely used today. Additional
product details and information for the Apache Server can be found on the Apache Web
WARNING Implementing a reverse proxy server incorrectly can compromise the
security of your corporate network. Before attempting to implement a reverse proxy
server, consult a network security expert with proxy and firewall experience. Open
proxy servers present vulnerabilities to both the private corporate network and the
public Internet.
D.2 Requirements
To complete the implementation described in this appendix you need:
Windows Server 2003. Additional OS platforms are supported.
Apache Version 2.x or later
D.3 Installation and Configuration
The following sample configuration is based on the Apache Server sitting in a DMZ with a
legitimate Internet IP address.
To install an Apache Server as a reverse proxy:
Step 1 Install the Apache Server. For proper installation and setup, see Apache
Step 2 After you have installed the Apache Server, find the Apache documentation and
read the Proxy Module section. The default location for the Proxy Module
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