Overview Chapter F: Session Initiation Protocol
ShoreTel SIP supports basic transfers (i.e. blind transfers) and attended transfers
(i.e. consultative transfers).
Silent Monitoring is not supported on a SIP trunk call.
Barge-In is not supported on a SIP trunk call.
Call recording is not supported on a SIP trunk call. Call recording requires
presence of a physical trunk in the call.
Call redirection by SIP devices is not supported.
Park/Unpark is not supported on a SIP trunk call. This is planned for a future
Office Anywhere is not supported on SIP trunks. Outbound trunk hunting will
automatically avoid SIP trunks when placing the call to the Office Anywhere user.
The call to the Office Anywhere user cannot be a SIP trunk; however, the call to the
external party can be a SIP trunk.
Silence detection on trunk-to-trunk transfers is not supported since it requires a
physical trunk.
Fax (and modem) redirection is not supported with SIP trunks as only physical
trunks can detect fax tones.
ShoreTel SIP supports two codecs - G.711 and G.729.
G.711 SIP devices that do not support RFC 2833 DTMF cannot send DTMF digits
to Voicemail (VM) or Auto-Attendants (AA).
G.729 only SIP devices cannot talk to VM/AA unless they are configured as
Teleworkers or configured in remote site.
SIP devices cannot have a voicemail box, cannot use PCM, cannot be a member of a
hunt group, cannot be a member of a workgroup, and will not appear in the dial by
name directory of the AA because they are SIP trunks and not SIP extensions.
F.1.2.6 Additional Configuration Considerations
SIP Info configuration in a Trunk Group should be enabled if ShoreTel SIP tie
trunks are used.
Overlapping number plans are not allowed between two systems tied with SIP
trunks unless digit translation is used.
When translating digits between two ShoreTel systems tied with SIP trunks, even
system extensions like VM, AA should be properly translated.
SIP devices should either be physically present in the ShoreTel site where the
ShoreGear switch is hosting the SIP trunk or should be out of the ShoreTel
A SIP trunk group cannot host both dynamic and static SIP trunks simultaneously.
A SIP trunk group hosting dynamic SIP trunks cannot span ShoreGear switches.
When ShoreTel is working with Dynamic Trunks:
Multiple registrations of different numbers using the same IP address is not
supported as ShoreTel uses the last one received. (This is the case of Mediatrix
2102/1402; customers are expected to use only static trunks for these devices.)
When ShoreTel is working with Static Trunks:
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