System Reliability Chapter 2: System Overview
The ShoreTel 8 management software also provides a complete suite of maintenance tools
that enable you to monitor and change the status of components on the system. The system
can be configured with event filters that automatically generate an e-mail message if an
error occurs on the system.
2.5.1 Multi-level Management
The ShoreTel 8 system provides in-depth access levels to ShoreWare Director. System
parameters for administrative permissions allow many administrative roles to be defined so
as to provide only as much access to the system as each user requires. By default, the initial
system administrator has access to everything on the system. However, by using the
administrative permissions pages, you can define site administrators, directory list
managers, read-only users, and more. Each user who needs to access ShoreWare Director
can be assigned a level of permission tailored for his needs.
2.6 System Reliability
The ShoreTel 8 system provides a number of features and options that ensure system
reliability, including:
Distributed Switch Control
Embedded IP Phone Display
IP Phone Keep Alive
IP Phone Failover
Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) Failover
Distributed CDR
2.6.1 Distributed Switch Control
The ShoreWare Telephony Management Service (TMS) runs on every ShoreWare
distributed server, ensuring switch control even if there a WAN outage between the remote
server and the headquarters site. Since multiple servers share the task of switch
management, if a server fails, only the extensions it controls may be affected by a
disruption in service.
2.6.2 Embedded IP Phone Display
The Embedded IP Phone Display feature essentially shifts support of several tasks related to
IP phone operation from the server to the switch. This enhances system reliability and
offers better uptime. The following features are supported on the switch and thus will
continue to be available even when the server is down:
Phone display
Transferring a call
Conference calls
Placing calls on hold
On-hook dialing
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