ShoreTel 8 Planning and Installation Guide 303
ShoreGear Switches
This appendix describes the ShoreGear voice switches. Switch model numbers are located
on the rear panel, as shown in Figure G-1.
G.1 Switch Models
ShoreGear models are classified into three switch families, based on chassis type:
1-U Half Width Switches
1-U Full Width Switches
IPBX Switches
The following is a brief description of each switch family.
G.1.1 ShoreGear 1-U Half Width Voice Switches
The ShoreGear 1-U Half Width Switch family is the most recent ShoreGear switch design.
1-U Half Width have a smaller footprint, use less power, and have lower heat dissipation
requirements than earlier ShoreGear switches. These switches offer higher granularity in
the number of IP users supported, allowing customers to precisely program the switch to
satisfy their requirements.
The switches can be stacked or mounted in a standard 19-inch rack. Rack mounting 1-U
Half Width Switches requires the ShoreTel Dual Tray. One or two switches are inserted into
the Dual Tray, which is then mounted into the 19-inch rack. Two switches are mounted side
by side Rack mounting the switches require the ShoreTel Dual Tray
ShoreGear 1-U Half Width Voice Switch models include:
ShoreGear 30 (SG 30)
ShoreGear 50 (SG 50)
ShoreGear 90 (SG 90)
ShoreGear 90BRI (SG 90BRI)
Figure G-1 Switch Model Number Label
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