ShoreGear 60 Voice Switch Chapter G: ShoreGear Switches
G.12.2.3 Network LEDs
The network LEDs (LAN1 and LAN2) indicate the speed at which the switch is
communicating with the network and whether there is network activity.
When both LAN connectors are connected into a redundant network configuration, one
network port is active while the other is in standby mode. If one LAN connection fails, the
switch activates the other port.
The network LED descriptions are as follows:
Link/Activity: When lit, this LED indicates that the switch is connected to an
Ethernet network. This LED indicates network activity, as follows:
When flashing, network activity is detected.
When on (not flashing), heavy network activity is detected.
When off, the switch has no power.
This LED is not directly related to any switch’s individual network activity. For
example, if three switches are connected to the same hub and one switch’s Traffic
LED shows activity, the other switches will indicate the same activity.
When green, the switch is connected to a 100BaseT network.
When off, the switch is connected to a 10BaseT network.
G.12.3 ShoreGear 60 Connectors
ShoreGear 60 voice switch contains the following components:
1 3.5 mm mono connector for audio input (music on hold)
1 3.5 mm mono connector for audio output (overhead paging and night bell)
1 DB-9 female connector for maintenance
2 RJ-45 connectors for the LAN interface
1 RJ-11 connector for connecting an analog phone (extension 9)
1 RJ-21X male connector for mass termination of the telephone/trunk ports
Power Failure Transfer Unit: Trunk Port 8 to Extension Port 9
Backup Operator: Extension Port 9
G.12.3.1 ShoreGear 60 RJ-21X Telephone and Trunk Connector
Table G-15 lists the RJ-21X Ring and Tip pin numbers for the SG 60.
Port Type Ring Tip
Pin # Cable Color Pin # Cable Color
1 Trunk, DID, Extension 1 Blue/White 26 White/Blue
2 Trunk, DID, Extension 2 Orange/White 27 White/Orange
3 Trunk, DID, Extension 3 Green/White 28 White/Green
4 Trunk, DID, Extension 4 Brown/White 29 White/Brown
5 Trunk, DID, Extension 5 Slate/White 30 White/Slate
6 Trunk, DID, Extension 6 Blue/Red 31 Red/Blue
7 Trunk, DID, Extension 7 Orange/Red 32 Red/Orange
8 Trunk, DID, Extension 8 Green/Red 33 Red/Green
Table G-15 ShoreGear 60 RJ-21X Telephone and Trunk Connector Pins
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