ShoreGear-T1 and ShoreGear E1 Voice Switches Chapter G: ShoreGear Switches
When yellow, a yellow alarm has been received from the Central Office.
When flashing yellow, the frame-bit error rate has exceeded its limits.
When flashing slow yellow, a small number of frame-bit errors (>1 per million)
have occurred; this state will take up to 10 minutes to clear.
When flashing fast yellow, a series of frame-bit errors (>1 per 1000) have
When red, the T1/E1 signal is out-of-frame (OOF). The received signal cannot
be framed to the Extended Superframe (ESF) or D4 format.
When flashing red, loopback is active (local or CO).
When off, the switch has no power.
G.14.3 ShoreGear-T1 and ShoreGear E1 Connectors
The ShoreGear-T1 and ShoreGear E1 voice switches contain the following components:
1 DB-9 female connector for maintenance
2 RJ-45 connectors for the LAN interface
1 RJ-45 T1 telco port
1 RJ-45 T1 monitor port for connecting test equipment
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