Chapter G: ShoreGear Switches Switch Connector Reference
ShoreTel 8 Planning and Installation Guide 365
G.19.4 3mm Mono Audio Output Connector: Paging/Nightbell
Using a mono jack causes issues when plugged into the Paging/Nightbell port. This can be
corrected using a a modified stereo jack. You can either hardwire such a jack or purchase
one at an electronics store.
If you hardwire the jack, follow the upper of the two figures in Figure G-25; connect the
audio to the “Ring” (center connection) and the ground to the “Ground” connector. We
highly recommend soldering the connections together to prevent audio quality issues.
If you wish to purchase such a connector that has been pre-made, request one that can
convert mono to stereo, as shown in the lower of the two illustrations.
Table G-25 Modified Audio Port
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