Chapter H: ShoreGear IPBX Voice Switches Voice Switch Requirements
ShoreTel 8 Planning and Installation Guide 369
H.1.4 Environmental Requirements
The ShoreGear voice switches require that the environmental specifications provided in
Table H-5 be met.
H.1.5 Reliability and Availability
Each ShoreGear voice switch is an embedded product with no moving parts other than a
highly reliable fan. In addition, the power supply contained within the voice switch has a
very high individual mean time between failure (MTBF), as shown in Table H-6.
Since the ShoreTel 8 system is plug-and-play, voice switches can be replaced in minutes.
Thanks to the distributed call control software of the ShoreTel 8 system, there is no system-
wide single point of failure. If a single ShoreGear voice switch fails, all the other voice
switches continue to operate.
H.1.6 Connectors
Table H-7 summarizes all of the connectors on the ShoreGear voice switches. Diagrams
showing where these connectors are located are provided later in this chapter.
Parameter Specification
Operating temperature 0° C to 50° C
Operating humidity (non-condensing) 10% to 90%
Storage temperature –30° C to 70° C
Table H-5 ShoreGear Voice Switch Environmental Specifications
Voice Switch MTBF (hours)
(minutes) Availability
ShoreGear-24 72,698 60 99.999%
ShoreGear-12 85,619 60 99.999%
ShoreGear-Teleworker 116,490 60 99.999%
ShoreGear-T1 97,209 60 99.999%
Table H-6 ShoreGear Voice Switch Dependability
Port/Connector ShoreGear-24 ShoreGear-12
Teleworker ShoreGear-T1
Power 110 VAC 110 VAC 110 VAC 110 VAC
Ethernet RJ-45 RJ-45 RJ-45 RJ-45
Analog telephone/trunk RJ-11 x 24
RJ-21X male
0–2,000 feet*
RJ-11 x 12
RJ-21X male
0–2,000 feeta*
a. 2000 ft. length uses 26 AWG wire.
RJ-11 x 4
0–2,000 feet*
T1 trunk RJ-48C
T1 trunk monitor RJ-48C
Audio input (Music on Hold) 3.5 mini-mono 3.5 mini-mono 3.5 mini-mono
Audio output (Paging, Night Bell) 3.5 mini-mono 3.5 mini-mono 3.5 mini-mono
Maintenance DB-9 female N/A N/A DB-9 female
Table H-7 ShoreGear Voice Switch Connectors
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