Chapter H: ShoreGear IPBX Voice Switches Voice Switch Requirements
ShoreTel 8 Planning and Installation Guide 371
H.1.6.6 Audio Input (Music on Hold) Cabling
The ShoreGear-24, ShoreGear-12, and ShoreGear-Teleworker voice switches each have a
3.5 mm mini-mono input connector that provides music or some other recording to callers
when they are on hold. The input port supports low-level line audio from a preamplifier or
mini-CD player, at 47 k nominal impedance. The audio input cable can be up to 10 feet
The audio input port on the ShoreGear voice switches is a mono connection. If you
connect a stereo input, the stereo signal is converted to a mono signal.
To minimize bandwidth, music on hold is not streamed across the wide area network, so
you will need one music source per site.
The music and music source are not included with the ShoreTel 8 system.
WARNING In accordance with United States copyright laws, a license may be required
from the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers, or a similar
organization, if radio or TV broadcasts are played for music on hold. As an alternative,
an ASCAP-approved CD or tape can be used. ShoreTel, Inc. disclaims any liability out
of failure to obtain such a license.
H.1.6.7 Audio Output (Paging and Night Bell) Cabling
The ShoreGear-24, ShoreGear-12, and ShoreGear-Teleworker voice switches each have a
3.5 mm mini-mono audio output connector for overhead paging and night bell on a per site
basis. The audio output port provides low-level line audio with a sufficient input level for a
typical amplifier. The paging port output is about one volt peak to peak, similar to the line
output of a CD player, and can drive inputs that are 600 ohms or higher.
The audio output is mono signal. If you use a stereo jack, the signal is available on one
channel, but the other channel will be silent.
This is a single-zone paging system. If more zones are required, see the application note on
ShoreLink, ShoreTel’s online knowledge base.
H.1.6.8 Maintenance Cabling
The ShoreGear-24 and ShoreGear-T1 voice switches support a maintenance port for
connection terminal using a standard DB-9 female connector. This maintenance port is
typically used only when assigning networking parameters if DHCP or BOOTP is not being
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