Desktop Applications Chapter 2: System Overview
Incoming calls are routed to agents according to:
The service required by the DNIS (number dialed)
The customer, if the customer is identified in the organization’s database
A call control script that directs calls as specifed by the caller
Best skill fit of the agent
The longest waiting time
The ShoreWare Contact Center Director module enables authorized supervisors to define
the parameters of different system entities (for example, agents, agent groups, trunk
groups) and easily modify their profiles. There are several administration levels with
different access rights.
The ShoreWare Agent Manager monitors contact center activities and provides real-time
information, as well as generates reports summarizing the system performance over a given
time period. The ShoreWare Agent Manager also provides statistical analysis of the contact
center system behavior within a specified period.
The ShoreWare Agent Toolbar provides the agent with all the necessary information
regarding the type of an incoming call and caller, before the agent answers the call. Agents
can perform all telephony functions from their desktops with this Windows-based
2.8.3 ShoreWare System Monitor
ShoreWare System Monitor is a Windows 2003/XP service that uses SNMP to monitor
statistics and utilization for each interface on each switch. If data-link errors or utilization
rates rise above a settable threshold, the generated web pages help determine the source of
the network problems.
ShoreWare System Monitor discloses network weaknesses that cause data and VoIP
stability issues, and by monitoring all network interfaces for utilization, packet loss, and
errors, it becomes easy to determine exactly where network faults exist.
ShoreWare System Monitor provides information about the specific error or issue that is
causing degradation to assist in troubleshooting and resolution, and it maintains a history
of utilization and errors on all interfaces to assist in troubleshooting VoIP and network
problems after they occur.
All network devices that support SNMP can be queried for link status and health
2.9 Desktop Applications
The ShoreTel 8 system provides a suite of integrated desktop productivity applications
targeted at the needs of different users. The ShoreTel Call Manager applications offer
varying levels of functionality suited to different role requirements.
Personal Call Manager
Advanced Call Manager
Workgroup Agent Call Manager
Workgroup Supervisor Call Manager
Operator Call Manager
Web Access
Office Anywhere
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