Determine System Topology Chapter 3: Planning and System Design
The first step in designing your voice network is to determine your overall network
topology, which should provide the following information:
Sites and Users. Number of sites and number of users at each site.
Headquarters and Distributed ShoreWare Servers. Number of servers required,
plus the name or IP address of all ShoreWare servers (main and distributed).
Teleworker Sites. Number of teleworker installations and the type of telephones
Telephone Requirements. Number of telephones at each site (by type).
Trunk Requirements. Number of trunks required for optimal performance.
ShoreGear Voice Switches. What models are needed and how many of each model.
WAN Connections. The number of WAN connections (per site) and complete
service-level information.
See Chapter 9, starting on page 97, for detailed information on planning your network for
the ShoreTel 8 system.
3.3.1 Sites and Users
Your network topology diagram should provide an accurate inventory of the different
physical sites and the number of users at each site.
3.3.2 Headquarters and Distributed ShoreWare Servers
The Headquarters ShoreWare server hosts the voice applications platform and the
management web site, as well as the integrated voice applications. Typically, the
Headquarters ShoreWare server is located at the largest location, containing the majority of
users. Make special note of the main ShoreWare server on your topology diagram.
On your topology diagram, provide the following information about ShoreWare servers:
Total number of servers (i.e. sum of servers at all sites).
Number of servers at each site.
The name and IP address of every server.
The ShoreTel 8 system also supports distributed voice application servers. Distributed
servers help accomplish the following:
Reduce bandwidth, because local users’ calls to voice mail are answered by the local
voice mail application and do not go across the WAN.
Increase system scale by extending the unified messaging and desktop call control
services to additional users of the applications.
Increase reliability by providing local support for some services and applications if
a site loses connectivity with the Headquarters server.
Even though there are multiple servers, the ShoreTel 8 system provides a single image
system across your entire network. The system is currently certified to support up to 21
servers, one at the headquarters site and up to 20 distributed servers. You should add a
server at any site that exceeds 100 users. You must deploy a server for every 1,000 users.
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